Our campsite is located in Ardèche, an area with sources and volcanoes, north of Southern Ardèche, at the end of a lovely country road, on the left bank of the river “Ardèche”.

Nestled on a hill in the middle of nature, away from the hustle and bustle, our human-sized family campsite is not far from the village of Thueyts (you can walk the 1,200 metres to the village through the Vernède Bridge and the stairs of the “Echelle de la Reine”).

To enjoy your stay close to nature, the campsite offers 45 large traditional camping pitches set amongst the trees and 21 comfortable chalets or mobile homes to rent.

The campsite also offers a snack-bar with pizzas and a grocery shop.

The sanitary facilities on the campsite are equipped with a baby corner and a space for people with disabilities.

Motorhomes and caravans are welcomed.

For your entertainment, the campsite has a large outdoor swimming- pool with aquatic taboggan 2 tracks for all ages, a mini-golf, a play area for children, fitness equipment, a French boules ground, a trampoline, a games room and a TV room. We can lend you many board games and outdoor games (French boules, badminton, cricket, bowling, ping-pong, molkky…) as well as books for the whole family.

At the turn of a path, you will find our dwarf goats, dwarf rabbits, a guinae pigs garden and our domestic animals. The site is ideal for hiking and you can go hiking directly from the campsite.

The region of Ardèche is full of resources and will provide you with beautiful memories for a great holiday.

We will be delighted to welcome you, and we hope you will enjoy your stay with us, in Ardèche.

To see and visit!

  • Character Villages (Thueyts, Jaujac…)
  • L’Echelle de la Reine
  • Le Pont du Diable
  • L’Echelle du Roi
  • Ray Pic waterfall
  • Mont Gerbier de Jonc
  • Lake Issarlès
  • Pont d’Arc Cavern
  • The Volcanoes

For the clientele persons having hydrotherapy, we propose price lists (rates) specially adapted for you. The Thermal baths of Neyrac baths are 10 mn, once your made cure you can rest (base) in the peace in a green setting.

Campsite of Belos Sanitaire
Campsite of Belos Nurserie
Campsite of Belos
Camping de Belos - Trampoline
Campsite of Belos